Once upon a time, I was a writing whore, selling my words for a pittance, often giving them away for free. Didn't matter what I wrote. My name is attached to bad poetry, micro fiction, children's stories and plays, and general interest articles for newspapers and magazines. I've written stories for literary journals and essays for scholarly journals. I've written about jobs for print and the Web. My book reviews have appeared in daily and weekly newspapers, and, for a few years, I even wrote a humor (questionable) column for a weekly newspaper in Bend, Oregon.

Over the years, I've received cheers and jeers for writing on the Interwebs that isn't mine. Though I dabbled in online publishing when the Net was only a few strands wide (sometimes without my knowledge), most of my online presence these days deals with other people's words. However, you can still find a sampling of my work here:

The Vellum Underground

and here:

The Looking Glass

and here:

Book Reviews